About tours

  • In November – April is open only MAIN TOUR.
  • The tours are operated individually
  • You can download an ORAVA CASTLE audioguide in App store and Google play, which acts as a castle guide.

What tours do we offer?

Our visitors can choose from 3 tours of the castle. Every tour allows admission to different parts of the castle.

The Main Tour (A) – open all year

  • Visitors will have access to almost all parts of the castle. We highly recommend this tour to families with children, school trips and larger groups up to 50 people.
  • Duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour. It includes the visit of the Lower Castle (Fortification system), the Middle Castle (including Historical Exhibition, Natural History Exhibition, Ethnographic Exhibition) and the Upper Castle – the Citadel (including Archaeological Exhibition and Mediatéka).

The Small Tour (B) – open from May to October

  • Visitors will visit the Lower Castle, including The Treasury of Orava Castle and The Chapel of St. Michael. This tour is recommended to the visitors scared of heights and those with reduced mobility.
  • Duration of the tour is approximately 30 minutes. It includes the Lower Castle only (Fortification system, Thurzo Palace, The Treasury of Orava Castle and The Chapel of St. Michael).

The Big Tour (A+B) – open from May to October

  • The Big Tour is a combination of The Main Tour and The Small Tour (A+B). The visitors will have access to the whole castle.
  • Duration of this tour is approximately 1 hours 30 minutes and is not recommended to small children.
Ticket prices

How to book a tour?

  • Tour booking is available for groups with at least 15 paying visitors. For every 15 visitors, one next visitor is provided with a free admission.
  • We provide tours with Slovak and English speaking guides daily. In case of Polish, German, Russian and other tours, we contact outside guides and therefore these tours are not always available.
  • For Slovak tours, we recommend booking a tour at least 2 days in advance. For tours in foreign languages, we advise booking at least 7 days in advance.
  • In case the booked group does not arrive on time, we cannot guarantee an alternative tour right after the arrival.
  • If you already booked a tour and wish to cancel it, please contact us.

What are the restrictions?

  • Smoking and eating is strongly prohibited during the whole tour. Drinking is allowed in the outer parts only, such as the courtyards.
  • It is not allowed to enter the castle with a dog (not even if muzzled or in a bag).
  • Castle terrain is very steep and uneven and therefore it is not possible to enter the castle with a pram, on a wheelchair or on a bicycle.

Additional information

  • In case of special events, additional charges may apply.
  • The Chapel of St. Michael, the Treasury of Orava Castle and the Second Castle Gallery are closed from January to April and from November to December due to unsuitable climatic conditions.
  • In case of bad weather (frost, snow etc.), the admission to the Upper Castle – the Citadel may not be allowed. The visitors will be notified before the tour.
  • Orava Museum of P. O. Hviezdoslav is operated by Žilina Self-Governing Region and not by Ministry of Culture and therefore is not obliged to provide the visitors with a free admission to its exhibitions every first Sunday a month.
  • We would like to inform our visitors there is no shelter provided by the main entrance to the castle. In case of bad weather, we recommend to wait for the tour:
    • at the gazebo by the main access road to the castle
    • at the Orava Castle Information Centre

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