Research services

Čaplovič’s Library offers its historical collections for research and studying. Visit of the library is available on the working days and has to be booked in advance, either by phone or an e-mail.

Book loan

  • in the premises of the library


  • reprography
  • document scanning (up to size A3)
  • digital photography

Čaplovič’s Library charge list

Čaplovič’s Library Section

old prints (1701 – 1800)1 page (A4)0,20€
old prints (1800 – 1918)1 page (A4)0,10€
periodic prints (newspapers, magazines) from 1950 and older1 page (A4)0,05€

Note: double the price for a duplex copy (A4); double the price for a copy in the size A3

Document scanning up to size A3
manuscripts, incunabula, old prints (16th – 17th century)1 page0,70€
art collection, old maps (hand-drawn, printed)1 page0,70€
old prints (1701 – 1918)1 page0,70€
periodic prints (newspapers, magazines) from 1918 and older1 page0,70€
all prints after 19181 page0,30€
disc burning + CD/DVD1 disc1,00€

Note: double the price for a scan up to 600 DPI, five times the price for a scan in more than 600 DPI

Digital photography
manuscripts, incunabula, old prints (1501 – 1918), art collection, old maps, periodic prints and other prints from the 20th and 21st century1 picture0,50€

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