Exhibitions of Orava Forest Railway

Inside exhibitions

Tanečník Station entrance hall

The entrance hall is dedicated to the origin and functioning of Orava Forest Railway. Information boards with photographic documentation and models introduce the history of the railway. Tools used for timber processing and models of means of transport from the era before the railway construction, such as rafts or wooden bridges, are also represented in the exhibition.

Second part of this room is dominated by the model of Orava Forest Railway switchback system that saves the railway its place in the history of technology. Light signals, rail signs and moulds used for train components casting are also displayed.

Massive device “štipák” for round timber handling has its separate place in the hall.

The next room

The following room captures the past and the present of the Orava Forest Railway. Five information boards present the timeline of the railway history.

By the window, two figurines in the period clothing of forest lumberjacks portray the traditional forestry in the mountains.

First out of the three showcases in the room holds period railway communication devices – telephones, flashlights and lamps. The second one displays documents connected with the Orava Forest Railway, including the map of Orava with the lands of Orava Compossessorate and the railway track, and protocols from the railway construction. In the third showcase, written materials from the current museum operation are presented.


Area of the Beskyd Saddle Station

Scenic tower

A wooden scenic tower is located in the area of the Beskyd Saddle Station, a 5-minute walk from the station itself. Built 970 metres above sea level, the tower offers a magnificent view of the Rozsutec Mountain, West Tatras Mountains or the TV tower on the Magurka Mountain above Námestovo. With the height of 12 metres, this three-floor tower is open all year not only for the passengers of the Orava Forest Railway but for the general public, tourists and passers-by.